Company Announcement: increasing performance of existing assets.

The mining, minerals processing and metals industry is often described as asset intensive. Due to the high costs of fixed assets, organizations are faced with the ongoing challenge of increasing performance of existing assets.

The performances of processing assets are inhibited by unplanned variation, including breakdowns at the crusher, slow running conveyors, blocked chutes and more.

And low productivity can result in fixed costs being amortised over less production output。Besides productivity loss, delays and stoppages have additional negative impacts on assets, such as extra wear parts on equipment.

The mill grinding circuit is recorded as being in delay as the upstream and downstream equipment become erratic at such a low flow rate .Despite the fact that the mill is still running, output is reduced and the process is out of control. The mill grinding circuit is only considered to be out of delay, and therefore in control, once it has been running at more than 85 percent of capacity (425 tph) for two continuous minutes.

The most successful mining companies are those who reduce inefficiencies in their production processes by increasing their asset utilization such as crusher, mill, wear part etc, or equipment uptime.

 “Managers can better understand the real reasons for variations and delays by closely monitoring the equipment. This understanding can also lead to improvements in mine functionality, operator training, and preventive maintenance, thereby improving processes and the mine’s overall financial performance.

“What gets measured gets managed”, so procedures need to be in place to measure and feedback the right KPIs to improve production and increase efficiency.

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