Consumer advocate needs the solution-maker

Consumer advocates ,Leader of home and abroad

On the annual Consumer Protection Day, March 15 of each year, a variety of activities will be held by relevant organizations to promote the further development of the protection of consumer rights movement. In 1987, the establishment of China Consumers’ Association opened a milestone on the world consumer protection. With the strengthening influence of 315 parties on CCTV recent years the protection of consumer’s interests and combating of the worse enterprise has become a top priority of the Chinese Government to build a harmonious society.

Enterprise, Consumer‘s advocator

When it mentioned to how to safeguard the interests of consumers better, the enterprise is the key that is the so-called “solution-maker”, if the companies are able to fulfill their own responsibilities and obligations, the interests of consumers can be maintained well. Zhengzhou ding sheng engineering and Technology Company has always put the interests of consumers on the first place. The famous domestic heavy industries do to improve the quality of their products, and at the same time they also pay much attention to the after-sales, the greatest safeguard to ensure the interests of consumers. With the same price, it’s good to have better quality; with the same quality, better service. For this reason, ding sheng put itself on the list of “100 top Suppliers of 2011 China Cement Industry”, and become well-known abroad in addition to Sandwich, Atlas Copco China crusher.

Inner culture, Consumer‘s advocator

“If you only care about selling products to customers, your company will have no space to develop. Only by creating wealth for our customers, will have more customers’ buy our products which will be good for our development. “Lu Hongbo, ding sheng’s chairman said, the highest honor is the recognition of new and old customers of the company’s products, which is also the driving force of ding sheng’s development. For 15 years. The company always sticks to the rule of creating wealth, bringing more joy to our customers and creating greater benefits for them. It has been to “become China’s first world-renowned crushing equipment and famous wear-resistant materials company. I believe that if they always stick to their culture, they will eventually become a great company.

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