DSMAC “Big gold teeth” hammerhead provides outstanding service.

Our “big gold teeth” is a highly wear-resistant part which aims at the crushing of limestone with abnormal content of SiO2, which can provide reliable, consistent service for secondary and primary crushers. Crusher hammers casted the Tungsten Titanium alloy in the high-manganese steel substrate, thus resist the severe grinding abrasion. Compared with the ordinary high-manganese steel, molten steel is purer and the matrix is more compact, its service life has been enhanced by 50% to 100%, and the hardness provides very good resistance to abrasive wear. This toughness is reflected in the outstanding service record of DSMAC big gold teeth.

Hammer mills
Due to severe impact resistance requirements, hammer mills often require manganese steel hammers. And it is also the choice for customers who rebuild their hammers with manganese weld and/or carbide overlays. Our company can also supply manganese hammers with factory applied chrome carbide overlay. Many of our cement plant customers have their big teeth hammers shipped to them with our factory applied. The high-manganese steel substrate will achieve a high hardness and will significantly increase the service life of the hammer.

Wear Studies
To improve the service life or cost per ton of product, We perform wear studies for our customers of DSMAC gold teeth hammers and competitive hammers to analyze wear patterns and develop possible design modifications .Our engineers often travel with Columbia Steel district managers to the cement plants they service .If we can work with you ,you may know that we can offer a crusher hammer that whether we can provide superior cost effectiveness for your plant.

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