how to protect cone crusher’s device structure when overload

Numerous individuals are conscious of the cone crusher excess guard device, but significant the construction and purpose of the surplus shield maneuver to the different close of point. Cone crusher mechanism mechanical overkill safety device is serene of the security arm, the protection brake, foliage spring, sprig mechanism clip, the barring bolt, the density helix bolts, and fine-tuning washers, and other module shares.
The detailed purposes of the numerous machineries are as follows: Haven arm: key joining and securing pin contact through the core drive tube. Authorization the tape overweight of the broadcast power to the core shaft, is indirectly related slices of the adhesive tape roll and main shaft, each one carrying form fragments in the overload guard device, the barring bolt: a round superficial of the chamber by the two milling form composition, by friction, the safety arm protected to the tube.Well-being brake: roll coupled by bars and packing tape by means of a security slot, the frond coil fit in the refuge slot, after nearby is overload protection, the foliage spiral off the security slot, in command to attain overwork fortification.
Frond spring: standard working hours, the joining of the safety arm thru security brake pedal parts transient power; overload, the refuge arm of the shelter shoe points
Unloaded beginning the bits of the inner weight. Material for 60SiMn mechanism fortify.
The foliage spiral folder: use face pushed to the leaf coil is secured to the protection arm.Solidity spiral bolt: assemblage by correcting the compression helix pin leaf spring stage frontward bend, at that moment bend the leaf coil encumbered care brake protection tank, to simplify the fitting of the safety handbrake on the adhesive tape overweight.Modification washers: to growth or cut the figure of change rings to lessening or increase the loud volume of the burden shield stratagem.

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