Crusher Floor Level and Safety in a Stone Crushing Plant

As we know that safety must be developed into all mining facilities especially this of crusher. Such as in North American, it is a necessary that mines must comply with local and national regulations. It is known to most of the heavy manufacturing, that we are major crusher manufacturers in China. So safety is also a primary for us .How to keep our crusher safety? For the maintenance department and safety officer. They must keep these safeguards in working order. What’s more, our designers must make preparation for the installation of suppression and collection equipment.

Crusher Floor Level

1. It is a necessary for the walkway platform to be set up to the crusher closely, for quick spider removal.

2. On the crusher floor, the air-seal compressor should be located, which is the same with the spider lube system.

3. As for the balance cylinder, it ought to be situated for the crusher nearly. With provisions, it must be made for essential oil relief collection.

6. At the top of the crusher, the built-in circular monorail will supply assistance for a trolley support air hammer, under the concrete floor level, and it can be used to be removed.

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